After more than 20 years of continuous contribution to the real estate industry and the urban development of greater Cairo, we can proudly say that ARDIC is steadily growing into a distinguished player in the market. It is with honor that we at Ardic consider all the challenges that the market is facing and adapt to them to ensure we create communities that can last a lifetime.  Throughout the biggest of these challenges, this year, we managed to record solid achievements, made a strong comeback, with sincere gratitude to the investment landscape from the Egyptian government. ARDIC seeks to complement the market’s success by delivering projects of the highest quality and continuing to invest in the market to leverage on the opportunities it allows. ARDIC relies on a formula to hit on whenever initiating a new development; simple yet magical: strategic vision, strong financial self-support, and a fully integrated team comprising Egypt’s top-of-mind consulting offices. With this mindset and strategy, we look forward to unlocking new possibilities in the future of the market.