Executive Team

Accountable for executing Ardic developments strategy plan and financial performance

Dr. Samir Aref is the Founder and Shareholder of ARDIC – Developments, formerly known as “Al Asher for Development & Real Estate Investment” Mr. Aref has overseen the development of numerous projects, including ZIZINIA residential complexes and commercial properties across strategic locations in Egypt such as Mazar Mall. Mr. Aref is a notable figure in Egypt’s business landscape, spanning decades of experience in industrial entrepreneurship and Real Estate management.

Eng. Tamer El Akkad is the CEO and Executive Director of ARDIC Developments, Eng. El Akkad is a highly accomplished and results-driven professional with over 20 years of experience in the real estate and construction industry. Eng. El Akkad has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead and direct operations, teams, and special projects with exceptional expertise and vision that drives success for ARDIC Developments under his guidance.